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Course Description - D-510 Expanded Dispatch Supervisory Dispatcher

April 28 – May 2, 2014
*Only one session of D510 will be offered in 2014

Target Group

This course is designed to train individuals who will be called upon to establish and supervise an expanded dispatch organization and who have met prerequisite training and experience at the Expanded Dispatch Support Dispatcher (EDSD) level.

Success in D-510 will depend on the trainee’s ability in leadership and organizational knowledge and skills. The following courses would benefit nominee’s attending D-510:


Upon completion of the Supervisory Dispatcher course the trainee will be able to:

Course Description

D-510, Expanded Dispatch Supervisory Dispatcher (EDSP), is designed to train individuals in the function and responsibilities of an EDSP within an Incident Support Organization. Trainees selected for this course must be capable of performing as an EDSD in all functional areas of an expanded dispatch. The course will provide trainees with a working knowledge of the necessary management skills and operational procedures to successfully perform as a Supervisory Dispatcher.

The course is intended to be an interactive experience, requiring the trainee to interact with faculty and fellow trainees. The course consists of a 40-hour pre-course test, discussions, exercises and final exam. The classroom portion of the course is 32 hours.

Important Dates:

Nominations Due: November 1, 2013
Pre-Course Test Available: November 19, 2013
Pre-Course Test Due: January 13, 2014 -- No Extensions beyond this date.
Notification of Selection: February 10, 2014

Course Location:   NAFRI, Tucson, Arizona

Tuition: None

D-510 is currently offered every other year.

Nomination Process

Please see the NAFRI nomination process page on the NAFRI website.

Course Coordinator: Gary Luce phone: (520) 799-8753; fax (520) 799-8785, email: galuce@fs.fed.us