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Welcome to the National Interagency UAS Training Program


The National Interagency UAS Training Program is focused on serving the UAS community under the concept of one program – one vision – one standard.  The program emphasizes a commitment to training for success, competency, learning in action, and maintaining current curriculum for a wide range of interagency partners and programs alike.  Through professional training development and delivery stewardship, the UAS training program is anchored in a strong culture of standards, performance, and experiential learning!

The National Interagency UAS Training Program is a collaboration to lead the UAS agenda in continued partnership with the UAS program leadership of the USFS, BIA, BLM, FWS, and NPS.  The UAS training program works closely with the Interagency UAS Fire subcommittee (IFUAS), GATR community, NAFRI, PFTC, national interagency training representatives, Office of Aviation Services (OAS), the National Wildfire Coordination Group (NWCG), and assigned committees and subcommittees.

For DOI please go to: Interagency Unmanned Aircraft Systems

For FS please go to: National UAS Program

Learning Portal:  Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Standards - Performance - Experiential Learning